AG Molina

AG has been in the fitness industry as instructor since 2018 with a background of teaching indoor cycling. Doing Lagree was a love at first shake for him when he discovered how humbling and challenging yet euphoric the workout is, and it made him pursue it even more to be certified and to teach. Aside from being a coach, he is also a registered nurse and a full time Health IT professional in The Medical City where he leads a team revolutionizing how healthcare works. 

He bring his passion for healthcare and change to fitness and movement, and he’s ready to celebrate with you what your body can do. #LagreeWithAG”

Carla Piscoso

“Find your intention and use that as motivation to reach your fitness goals. You don’t have to go extreme, just be consistent. You can start by working to become the best version of yourself, inside and out! Power through!”

Celine Encarnacion

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. That’s your body and mind growing and learning. Whether trying to set a higher personal record or trying a new class, anything new or challenging can be intimidating. Take it as an opportunity to better yourself. You only grow out of your comfort zone. Welcome the challenge head, heart, and grit on!

Head Trainer Will Devaughn

“Every workout isn’t--and shouldn’t be--easy, but it will be all worth it when you see and feel the transformation. Getting fit starts with goal setting. Write down three ways your life will be better if you achieve your fitness goals. Then, enjoy your fitness journey, and the new confidence you build will help carry you every day of your life.”

Head Trainer Jai Lawan

Its never too late to start! Set your goals, keep yourself motivated, and go at your own pace. Keep trying, keep pushing. A little progress is better than no progress at all.

Jan Cerezo

Practice makes progress! Start by writing down something you want to achieve (lose weight, get abs, etc.) then list down at least ten things you have to do to achieve that goal. Whenever you feel like quitting, look back at your old photos and videos to remind you of how far you've come!

Jelli Jante

Jelli is a Certified Lagree Instructor and 200hr Certified Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. She has been using both movement and music as a way to release tension for more than a decade, and has been teaching group classes all over Sydney, such as in Lagree Fitness Australia and Virgin Active Australia. Jelli loves teaching beginners: "This is your practice of self-empowerment, self-love and mindful movement, for all body shapes, sizes, and backgrounds!" Whether you are seeking to de-stress or to get stronger or both, Jelli's classes will take you to that post-Lagree glow.

Kath Serrano

Kathleen Serrano is a dedicated certified lagree and yoga instructor trained in hatha, vinyasa, inside flow and ashtanga. She merges yoga's calm with Lagree's dynamic intensity, guiding students to find balance, strength, and mind-to-muscle connection. Her classes blend mindfulness with muscle toning, leaving participants feeling empowered and rejuvenated. Join Kathleen’s class to experience the transformative power of movement and body awareness. Get ready for a workout that's both fun and efficient, with a touch of grounding at its core.

"Balance strength with flexibility, focus on form, and embrace the power of mindfulness in every movement. Trust in your body's capabilities and remember that progress is a journey, not a destination."

Katrina Mangubat

Get ready to smile as you shake as Kat brings the energy to Ultra Lagree!

A small girl with big dreams, she is a full-time PR manager and part-time fitness instructor. She enjoys and finds excitement in things that test her limits.

"It's just you vs you. Just keep showing up for yourself and you'll be surprised at what you can achieve. Progress over perfection, always!"

Kelly Medina

Master Trainer Mikael Padilla

"Mikael has a unique way of teaching Lagree method where natural movement of the body is the key to achieving maximum results in each class". 

Mikael has been teaching Lagree for over 13 years and owner of Lagree Underground in West Hollywood, USA. 

Mito Fabie

Paolo Salvador

Pao aka buffdad. He is Personal Fitness and wellness coach. He also have a deep love for martial arts, specifically jiu jitsu. Fitness for him is much more than self care. It is a tool for inspiring others to be the best version of themselves. 

For him, the most important part of starting your fitness jounrey isn't on how hard you go in the workout room but it's how consistent you are in building healthy habits. 

His clients can always expect good vibrations!  We're here to feel that shake and sweat. I'll be with them every step of the way.

Patricia Gatus

Pat is a fitness & nutrition coach and former basketball athlete. She has been using fitness & sports as movement and activity to keep her body kit, active & healthy. She enjoys teaching strength and resistance training, most specially to women, as she is a certified women's fitness specialist and pre & post natal trainer as well. 

Pat’s goal is to make every person fell good, strong, health, empowered in all aspects of one's life through holistic fitness. 

Sam Corrales

If you're looking for a boost of energy and good vibes, Sam is the instructor for you! She is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and former member of the UP Pep Squad, winning multiple awards in the local and international scene.

With her background in dance, gymnastics and cheerleading, she can guide you through each movement with emphasis on proper form and tempo. For her, Lagree is a form of meditation and a way to unlock physical and mental strength. Expect to be challenged yet fulfilled after a #SamCore class 

Sarah So

The body achieves what the mind believes. Learn the basics: the proper form, the right muscle to activate, do the exercises safely and effectively. As long as you commit to your goals, everyone will see the result that you want to see!

Senior Master Trainer Sharnee Lee Scott

With years of experience in Dance, Pilates & Lagree in Australia, Sharnee then moved to the USA in 2017 for Lagree Fitness has led hundreds of Certs (in 12 USA states + more than 12 countries) earning a trusted reputation as the most experienced Master in Lagree education.

She authored content in Advanced Lagree Certifications & released an anatomy eBook - Anatomy Fitness 101 badged as an ACE Fitness Certifcation. She also taught groups on ALL of the Lagree apparatus (Proformer to Supraformer in Hollywood) and has led celebrity privates, such as with Adam Sandler.

Sharnee's prior fitness credentials span across: Dance; Classical Ballet, Jazz & Lyrical, Posture; Analysis & Correction + Cert III, Barre; Booty & MegaBarre + MegaTRX, Stretch; MegaStretch + Fascia Release, Boxing; Kickboxing & Boxing Spa Courses, Group Fitness & PT; ACE Fitness.

Sharnee loves music, movement, the ocean, travel & life - singing, playing guitar, surfing, rollerskating whenever possible. This smiling assassin is passionate in educating in a fun way - the WHY in fitness, what to FEEL + how to REGRESS & PROGRESS intensity!

Senior Master Trainer Maggie O’ Brien

Maggie O’Brien is an Official Lagree Fitness Master Trainer. Based primarily in Los Angeles, Maggie has certified hundreds of Lagree FItness trainers globally since she became Master Trainer in 2022. She has earned a reputation within the Lagree Fitness community for being a steadfast advocate in helping Lagree Fitness trainers all over the world step out of their comfort zones and into their power with confidence, authenticity, courage, and fun. 

Since discovering Lagree Fitness in 2018, Maggie is a passionate believer in the ability of the Lagree Method to change people’s lives — including her own. 

Yannick Tuason

"Passionate about transforming bodies and minds, I'm thrilled to join the Ultra Lagree family as your lagree instructor. With a background in fitness being a professional football player and a dedication to helping others reach their goals, I bring energy, enthusiasm, and expertise to every session. 

Get ready to challenge yourself, break through limits, and discover the strength you never knew you had!"

"In the midst of challenges lie opportunities." 

"The only bad workout is the one that didn't happen."